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Here you will find information about the topics we have covered over the year and the trips and events that we have undertaken. We like to get out and about in the local community and enjoy many visitors coming into school.  

Year 2 encourages and focuses on independence and offers many responsibilities to the children to take on roles within the classroom and the school as a whole.

Take a look at what we have been learning about and enjoy viewing the photos of our trips and events. 



Autumn Term 2023


It was great to be back at school in the autumn term. It has been busy and challenging but the children have been fantastic throughout.

RMS Titanic (History)

Year 2 children took a blast to the past in our exciting topic, The Titanic!

The children learned all about life as a passenger on board the RMS Titanic through role play and researching facts.

We then went to the SeaCity Museum where we explored artefacts, dressed up as characters and completed workshops.

It was a fantastic day and the children had lots of fun while building their knowledge!

We ended the topic with a fabulous dress up day, practised ballroom dancing and ended the day with a class party!



Nutcracker inspired diorama (Design & Technology)

The children got creative this half term with their Nutcracker inspired dioramas!

The children learned all about the Nutcracker story, danced to Tchaikovsky music and learned some valuable skills in mechanisms, before planning, designing and creating their very own dioramas.

The children loved using shoe boxes and different materials to make their scenes come to life.

Finally, they added their characters on levers and gave a performance to the rest of the class! onal tale!



Meerkat Mail (English)

We had a very cheeky visitor arrive in England all the way from the Kalahari Desert, Sunny the Meerkat!

He first took a tour of Portsmouth before he was spotted by a neighbour at our school getting up to mischief.

The children were amazed and wrote a newsletter for the local newspaper and postcards to his friends and family back home,

of all the things that Sunny got up to at our school.







We have had lots of fun preparing for Christmas.

We helped with the Christmas Market and danced at our Christmas party.


A big thank you for all the parents who were able to come to our Santa's workshop.





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