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Here you will find information about the topics we have covered over the year and the trips and events that we have undertaken. We like to get out and about in the local community and enjoy many visitors coming into school.  

Year 2 encourages and focuses on independence and offers many responsibilities to the children to take on roles within the classroom and the school as a whole.

Take a look at what we have been learning about and enjoy viewing the photos of our trips and events. 



Spring Term 2022

Circus Skills

Another busy term in Year two! It started with another fantastic Circus week with Circus Steve and his Shooting Stars Circus.

The children enjoyed learning new skills and being able to balance on beams, spin plates and juggle!


During Circus Week the children made their own puppet. They were all based on a character that you might meet in a circus. They started by choosing the materials they would like to use, then using these to create their design. They all had a practise go at sewing before cutting out the front and back of their puppet and joining them with their beautiful stitching. They finished off by decorating it according to their plan, and some of them decided to make a small change, which they felt would improve their finished product.

The Great Fire of London

In our writing topic, Year 2 have loved finding out all about the Great Fire of London!

They have enjoyed learning all about it through acting, singing songs about it and writing a fantastic newspaper report about the terrifying events.

In computing this term the children have been learning to use PowerPoint to present their Great Fire of London facts.

They found and added pictures to each slide before using animation to bring their slides to life.



Art Week

In Art Week, we were lucky enough to be visited by some local artists; My Dog Sighs and Southsea Zoo!

The children absolutely loved learning about how to draw and did some fantastic work replicating the artists’ work!


The children have really enjoyed our Science topic this term and did a fantastic job of carrying out investigations of different materials!

They particularly enjoyed carrying out a fair test to see which material was the most absorbent!

Autumn Term 2021


It was great to be back at school in the autumn term. It has been busy and challenging but the children have been fantastic throughout.


The Three Little Pigs

It began with our topic on the Three Little Pigs, where we explored different versions of this traditional fairy tale.
One fun activity was a child interviewing ‘Mr Wolf’, to find out his side of the story.



During our science topic we explored what animals, including humans, need to survive.

We found a message in a bottle from a castaway who needed help!



The Gunpowder Plot

The children were fascinated about our topic in Guy Fawkes.

They enjoyed learning about the Gunpowder Plot, looking at historical sources and deciding whether they thought Guy Fawkes or King James I was right. There was some thought-provoking discussion about whether his actions were justified or not and the children were brilliant detectives, questioning whether we should believe the things different sources tell us.

We started by acting out the role that Guy Fawkes played in the plot.



They each wrote a recount, pretending to be Guy Fawkes, telling how he was caught.

Then they took turns to read their work to a partner, which they loved doing.



Art Week (Bridget Riley)

Everyone loved our art week where we learned about the Op-Art of Bridget Riley.

The children created some incredible individual and collaborative art.

They worked brilliantly together, just like the Together Twins!




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