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Welcome to year one’s page 



To support our children’s transition to year 1 from reception, the first few weeks of the autumn term are structured in a similar way to the days in yr R. As the children become more confident we move to a more structured day.

All children at Devonshire are encouraged to read regularly at home and they can change their reading books daily. Book boxes are out on the tables during ‘Good Morning’ time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for children to choose a new book and share a book with a parent or friend.

PE days for both Squirrels & Hedgehogs are Monday and Wednesdays. Their kit will be sent home half termly and always need to be returned to school on the first Monday after a holiday.
We aim to make learning as much fun as possible for our pupils and cover interesting topics such as dinosaurs and pirates during the year. This really encourages the children to engage fully with their learning.

Here you will find information about the topics we have covered over the year and the trips and events that we have undertaken.Take a look at what we have been learning about and enjoy viewing the photos of our trips and events.


Autumn Term 2020



During the Autumn term the children have learnt lots of new skills.

They have had the opportunity to write for different purposes and produced some excellent results.

In particular the children really enjoyed making their own non fiction books.




Our science topic looked at the similarities and differences between a wide range of animals.

The children learned about classification and Zoo Lab visited bringing in lots of animals for the children to see, including a snake and a cockroach!





We also learnt about the properties of different materials and had the opportunity to investigate these by making a coat for a teddy which needed to be waterproof.




We had great fun during our topic on ‘Pirates’ We learnt how to make a pirate hat, how to talk like a pirate and wrote non fiction books.

We also had lots of fun on ‘Dress up as a pirate day’ where we went on a treasure hunt, made up our own stories and had a pirate party!


Art Week

We really enjoyed learning about the ‘Pop Art’ style during Art week with a focus on Andy Warhol.

We created our own pictures in this style using a variety of bright colours..




We learnt all about making a Christingle and its meaning for Christians. We also had fun at our Christmas party