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Welcome to year one’s page 



To support our children’s transition to year 1 from reception, the first few weeks of the autumn term are structured in a similar way to the days in yr R. As the children become more confident we move to a more structured day.

All children at Devonshire are encouraged to read regularly at home and they can change their reading books daily. Book boxes are out on the tables during ‘Good Morning’ time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for children to choose a new book and share a book with a parent or friend.

PE days for both Squirrels & Hedgehogs are Monday and Wednesdays. Their kit will be sent home half termly and always need to be returned to school on the first Monday after a holiday.
We aim to make learning as much fun as possible for our pupils and cover interesting topics such as dinosaurs and pirates during the year. This really encourages the children to engage fully with their learning.

Here you will find information about the topics we have covered over the year and the trips and events that we have undertaken.Take a look at what we have been learning about and enjoy viewing the photos of our trips and events.


Summer Term 2022


We really enjoyed our topic on pirates. We found out lots of interesting facts and learnt some great pirate songs.

We also learnt two different pirate poems and then wrote our own.

‘Dress as a pirate day’ was great fun!

We made sea biscuits and drank grog (not real of course!) wrote pirate stories and finished with a treasure hunt on the playground.


We started this topic with a trip to Southsea Castle. It was very interesting and we loved seeing how thick the walls were.

There were so many different jobs in the castle including a ditcher, cook and knight.

We talked about which job we thought would be the worst and which would be the best!

In DT we learnt how to make a tower free standing and joining walls.

We cut slits in the bottom to join them and found the best way to make them really strong.

We then used all the skills we had learnt to create our own castle.

Meet The Author

We all took part in the Year 1 Portsmouth picture book award.

We had to choose our favourite from 4 different books and then we went to Wimborne to meet the author Will Mabbit.

He signed a book for us and then read the story. He was really funny!


In art we have been experimenting with colour.

We have mixed a range of colours to make new colours and also learnt how to make lighter and darker shades of a colour.


We had great fun going back in time and finding out about what life was like 100 years ago.

We looked at Victorian artefacts and tried to guess what they were used for.

We had a very exciting trip to Manor Farm.

We didn’t think it was much fun to go to school in Victorian times and all agreed that life is a lot easier now than it was then.

We all enjoyed ourselves enormously and had great fun with the hands-on learning we experienced.

Sports Day

We had a really enjoyable Sports Day morning.

There were a great variety of activities such as hurdles and ball balancing.

Thank you to all of the parents who came to cheer us on and support us.

Spring Term 2022

Fairy Tales

We learnt the stories of the The Gingerbread Man and Jack and the Beanstalk.

We read them together using expression for the different characters.

We acted out the stories and had the opportunity to discuss and what we thought of the different characters.

We then created our own fairy tale character and land and wrote descriptive sentences using year 1 writing skills.

Circus Week

Circus week was great fun! We learnt how to spin a plate, juggle scarves, and walk on stilts.

We wrote a daily diary and some instructions for anyone new visiting our school who wanted to learn one of the skills.


In history we learnt all about the space explorer Neil Armstrong.

We thought of questions we would like to find the answers to and used different methods to research these.

We also compared Neil Armstrong to the other explorer we have studied ‘Ernest Shackleton’ and added them to our timeline.


We had a very exciting time learning all about plants in Science.

We planted beans and cress and investigated the best conditions for them to grow.



We used collage in art to create 4 different trees.

We looked carefully at the shape and colour of the leaves and the trunks.

Finally, in art we studied the artist Lowry.

We found out all about his work and the reasons behind his work.

We looked at techniques that he had used to create his work and experimented with different medium to create pictures in a similar style.

Autumn Term 2021

We have had a very exciting half term and learnt lots of new skills.



Our first topic was ‘Animals’. We looked at the similarities and differences between a wide range of animals and learnt about the characteristics of different groups. In particular we really enjoyed making our own non fiction books.




We were very excited when Zoo Lab visited bringing lots of animals for us to see.

This included a frog, a snake and a giant hissing cockroach!





As part of our topic on materials we were given the challenge of making a coat to keep a teddy dry.

First we had to test different materials and then decide which would be best for the coat.

Then we worked together like the Together Twins and made, tested and evaluated the coat.


The Three Little Pigs

The children really enjoyed watching the adults act out the story of The Three Little Pigs.

Then it was their turn! They enjoyed taking turns being all the characters, especially huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf!


Exploring Southsea

We learnt about our local area and the physical and human features of Southsea.

Then we dressed up as explorers and went for a long walk to the seafront.

We spotted lots of landmarks that we had seen on Google maps.



Ernest Shackleton

We loved finding out about the amazing life of the explorer Ernest Shackleton.

We acted out his great expedition and discovered how brave and determined he was.



We learnt all about making a Christingle and its meaning for Christians.

We also had fun at our Christmas party!