School Uniform


Uniform bearing the school logo can be bought in school every afternoon during term time or direct from Skoolkit.

Alternatively, red jumpers or cardigans may be worn with grey trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafores. 

In the summer girls may wear red checked/striped dresses.



  Fleeces (ordered) £12.00 PE T-Shirts £4.70 Caps £3.75 PE bags £5.00  
  Cardigans £10.50 PE Shorts £3.00 Safari Caps £5.65 Book bags £5.50  
  Sweatshirts £8.75    

Knitted Hats


  Polo shirts £7.50               



     PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL SCHOOL CLOTHES ARE NAMED!!  This avoids confusion and loss.

   Jewellery of any kind can be a danger so we ask that it is not worn in school. 

If earrings are worn they must be removed for PE for health and safety   reasons.


Please provide your child with a PE kit and plimsolls. These should be kept in a bag at school ready for PE.

Lost property is kept in a box situated near the office.  If clothing is named it is nearly always returned to its owner.  Unclaimed items are disposed of.