The Owls

Communication and Interaction Inclusion Centre

Spring Term 2022

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The children retold the story using the ‘talk for writing’ method. They had a porridge tasting and recorded their finding on a class chart.

It was the sweet porridge that won, not really a surprise!

They acted out the story and sang songs about the bears and looked closely at the oats and handed them to see how they felt.

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

The children were so engaged in learning this story and used the Michael Rosen video clip to act out the sequence of events.

They used a tuff spot play area to retell the story and used apparatus in PE to learn the positional language needed for the story.

They also made a bear cave to retell their story.

Art Week (Doug Hyde)

As our spring term Art week, the children learned about Doug Hyde and looked at a large variety of his pictures.

They decided on their favourite and re-created it using items to print with or used brush strokes.

They worked hard to mix the colours needed for their pictures and they were very proud of their outcomes.





This topic encourages the children to develop their vocabulary as they looked deeper into the cold climates and the habitats of penguins.

They looked at ice closely, observing how it melts and what causes it to melt quicker.

They created a penguin display and worked hard at learning the part of a penguin’s body.

Their faces were a picture when passing around the cold ice cubes to experience what a penguin might be feeling!

People who help us - school and emergencies

The children were focused on the people around them in their own school community, looking at what people do for their jobs and how this helps them.

They then turned their attention to the emergency services and made some emergency vehicles in order to learn the differences.

They discussed what emergencies these people help at and what their uniforms are like.

Using the telephone for calling an emergency service was practiced and often tried out in the role play area.

Growing Beans!

The year 1 and 2 children have been learning about plant growth and read the story of ‘Jack and the beanstalk’.

They decided to plants some beans to see how far theirs might grow.

The carefully measured their roots and shoots over a two week period.

They then took it home to plant and continue watching its growth more closely.

Spring & Easter

Now spring is in the air the children have been searching for signs of spring.

They have thought about the changes and the new life they can see.

This also tied in with learning about the Christian Easter story and why we have Easter eggs as a symbol of new life.

They had an Easter egg hunt and made Easter cards.

They were definitely excited about receiving some over the school holidays!



Autumn Term 2021



The children have been learning about the seasons and we listened to the story of Percy the Park Keeper ‘After the storm’.

The children created some collaged trees using natural materials we found around the school grounds, and we observed the trees around our school and made some tree rubbings.




After talking about ourselves, how we are similar and different to everyone in our class, the children observed carefully, what they and their uniform looked like using mirrors and then painted themselves.

Listening walk

The year 1 & 2 Owls went on a listening walk to examine the sounds around the school.

They were able to identify a number of sounds and with an adult scribing, created a mind map about their findings.

Nursery Rhymes

Another topic the children have been involved in is Nursery rhymes.

They have singing old one and learning new ones along with listening to the ‘Each, Peach, Pear, Plum’ story who has a range of characters belonging to traditional tales and nursery rhymes.

They learnt to recite this story using a story map and actions.

They also made a display about nursery rhymes which included numbers.

They used their design and technology skills to create items for the display.





On the 5th of November the children discussed the safety of fireworks and used music to help them express their ideas with paint and glitter to make some stunning firework pictures.


Friendship Week

During November each year, Anti-bullying week is held nationally.

We join in with this to highlight anti-bullying with our ‘friendship week’, which we feel is a more positive use of words which our infant children can relate to.

We looked at what friendships are, how to make friends, how friendships have ups and downs and how to resolve conflicts.

We also talked about the meaning of bullying and what to do about it and who to talk to.

The children made friendship cards and told each other what they liked about each other to encourage positive relationships.


Art Week (Kandinsky)

The artist studied this term for the Reception aged Owls is Kandinsky.

They looked at his pictures, discussed his use of colour and recreated their own concentric circle and square designs, along with a Kandinsky style tree.

They use primary colours to learn about mixing secondary colours..


The Year 2 children have been looking at different materials and their properties.

They learnt about a range of materials and then tried to work out which were waterproof.

They used a pipette to drop the same amount of drops on each item to make it fair and waited to see if the water came through.

They decide the black bin liner would be best to make a jacket for teddy to keep him dry.