The Owls

Communication and Interaction Inclusion Centre




Autumn Term 2020



The children have been learning about the seasons and we listened to the story of Percy the Park Keeper ‘After the storm’.

The children created some trees using Autumn colours and observed the trees around our school.



After talking about ourselves, how we are similar and different to everyone in our class, the children observed carefully, what they and their uniform looked like using mirrors and then painted themselves.


Owl Babies

The children listened to the story of the ‘Owl babies’ by Martin Waddell and discussed what they would feel like being left in the forest without an adult.

The recited the story using the repetitive language and painted a picture of the three Owls waiting for their mum to return and used collage for the tree.


The Year 2 Owls have been learning about the continents in their geography lessons.

They have used google earth, maps and globes to find different countries and continents.

They looked at the differences and similarities of the land masses and competed a 350-piece world map puzzle! They created their own continent map using tissue paper.

Nursery Rhymes

Another topic the children have been involved in is Nursery rhymes. They have singing old one and learning new ones along with listening to the ‘Each, Peach, Pear, Plum’ story who has a range of characters belonging to traditional tales and nursery rhymes.

They learnt to recite this story using a story map and actions.

Friendship Week

During November each year, Anti-bullying week is held nationally.

We join in with this to highlight anti-bullying with our ‘friendship week’, which we feel is a more positive use of words which our infant children can relate to. We looked at what friendships are, how to make friends, how friendships have ups and downs and how to resolve conflicts. We also talked about the meaning of bullying and what to do about it and who to talk to. The children made friendship cards and told each other what they liked about each other to encourage positive relationships.


Art Week (Kandinsky)

The artist studied this term for the Reception aged Owls is Kandinsky.

They looked at his pictures, discussed his use of colour and recreated their own concentric circle design, along with a Kandinsky style tree.

They use primary colours to learn about mixing secondary colours.

'I walk' Poem

The children as a part of their speech and language development are working on increasing their vocabulary and the category of animals is a prominent one. So, we have read a poem about animals using noun phrases which our Year 2 Owls have been learning about.

Each animal has a descriptive word attached creating a noun phrase.

The children made all the animals to be displayed, creating the order of the poem and encouraging the use of the descriptive language.


The children always love this time of year and get an opportunity to show off their newly acquired fine motor skills with lots of cutting and sticking, making decorations and presents to bring home.

They attended our Covid-safe Christmas market stalls and watched a couple of drama shows from the Elves and Storyteller.

They learned about the concept of ‘angels’ within the Christian and Muslim religions and the Nativity story form the bible, the origins of Christmas.