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Welcome to year one’s page 



To support our children’s transition to year 1 from reception, the first few weeks of the autumn term are structured in a similar way to the days in yr R. As the children become more confident we move to a more structured day.

All children at Devonshire are encouraged to read regularly at home and they can change their reading books daily. Book boxes are out on the tables during ‘Good Morning’ time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for children to choose a new book and share a book with a parent or friend.

PE days for both Squirrels & Hedgehogs are Monday and Wednesdays. Their kit will be sent home half termly and always need to be returned to school on the first Monday after a holiday.
We aim to make learning as much fun as possible for our pupils and cover interesting topics such as dinosaurs and pirates during the year. This really encourages the children to engage fully with their learning.

Here you will find information about the topics we have covered over the year and the trips and events that we have undertaken.Take a look at what we have been learning about and enjoy viewing the photos of our trips and events.


Spring Term 2019


During the Spring term we learnt the stories of the Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man. We acted out the stories and then wrote our own versions.

Circus week

Circus week was great fun! We learnt how to spin a plate, juggle scarves, and walk on stilts. We all enjoyed performing to an audience.

Click here to see more photos of our circus performance


Our Science topic looked at the properties of different materials. The children were set the challenge of making a waterproof coat for the class teddies. They tested different materials before choosing which one had the most suitable properties. They then worked in a group to design, test and evaluate the coat.


We have been doing lots of fantastic learning in maths. The children have been learning how to multiply and divide and solve lots of problems.


We have loved learning about castles. We found out lots of interesting facts and made our own booklets. We particularly enjoyed visiting Southsea castle and finding out about Henry the Eighth. We made our own castles from ‘junk’ which were really brilliant!

Click here to see more photos of our Southsea Castle trip.

Lego Workshop

We really enjoyed our Lego Day. Everyone carefully made their own building and then created their own town.

Puzzle Mornings

Finally a big thank you to all those parents who joined us for our Puzzle mornings. They were well attended and both adults and children seemed to have lots of fun.

Autumn Term 2018



During the autumn term the children have had the opportunity to create their own books about a variety of topics.




Our science topic looked at the similarities and differences between a wide range of animals. The children learned about classification and Zoo Lab visited bringing in lots of animals for the children to hold!




We all really enjoyed learning about the explorer, Ernest Shackleton! The children had the opportunity to explore Antarctica and enjoyed acting out the story. They even got to meet the great explorer.


Art Week

The children were really enthusiastic learning about Pablo Picasso during art week. They used a variety of media to create their own pictures in the style of Picasso.



Santa's Workshop

A big thank you to all those parents who joined us for Santa's Workshop. They were well attended and both adults and children seemed to have lots of fun.