The Rabbits







  The Fieldmice     

Spring Term 2019


Our first topic for this half term has been Penguins. We have been learning lots of different facts about Penguins. We made a story map of all the facts that we learned. We also painted pictures of different type of penguins.


We had lots of fun learning circus tricks for the very first time! We learnt how to spin plates, balance feathers, spin the diablo, walk the tightrope and many more. The best part was getting all dressed up and performing to our parents at the end of the week!

Click here to see more photos of our circus performance.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We read the story of Goldilocks and the Three bears. We made porridge and wrote letters from Goldilocks apologising to the Bears. The children made warning signs to scare Goldilocks away.

Science Week

Slippery Slopes

We investigated different substances – honey, oil and soap suds to see which were the fastest and slowest to travel down the slopes.

Be Safe and Be Seen

We also designed T shirts to make sure we could be seen if we went on a Bear Hunt. We used reflective materials and tested our designs in a dark tent (the bear cave) with a torch!

Art Week

Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde is the most popular contemporary living artist in the UK

Here are some of his pictures
We created our own paintings in the style of Doug Hyde, using printing and painting techniques.



In Literacy we have been learning the story of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. The children used their writing skills to create their own story maps.

We learnt the story using actions, and then changed the story to make it our own. We innovated the story and loved trying to think of a different animal and different places to travel through.

Puzzle Mornings

Finally a big thank you to all those parents who joined us for our Puzzle mornings. They were well attended and both adults and children seemed to have lots of fun.