The Owls


Spring Term 2019


We started the term looking at ‘winter’. We looked at the children’s photos from last year, playing in the snow and discussed how we need to dress for the cold weather. We thought about how it would be extremely cold in the Polar Regions and then looked at how the Penguins coped with it. We watched some video clips and then created a dance about Penguins with eggs, and we moved like penguins in water. The children also used the penguins to learn about positional language.

Circus Week

January is such an exciting time at Devonshire as we have Circus week! We learn lots of skills each day and then perform to our parents in the ‘greatest show on earth’ at the end of the week when our hall transformed into a ‘Big Top’. All the children and staff perform and fun is had by all! We practice every day for a week.

People who help us

Out next topic, ‘People who help us’, enabled the children to look closely at the people and community around them and reflect on and respect how much these people help us. Fortunately, we had some people who work in school who were kind enough to spare some time to come and talk to us about their role. We had sessions with a Caretaker and Finance Manager and Headteacher.

Art Week

Our Artist week was all about Doug Hyde. We learnt about his style of art and how he uses people and animals in his pictures. The children chose one picture they liked best and then created their own version.

We’re going on a bear hunt

The children read the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. They acted out the story and used a ‘talk for writing’ story map to begin to learn the words. They then made their own story maps and painted their scenes but changed the story so they would find something different. We made a class story called, ‘We’re going on a dragon hunt! Guess what we found! We also used clay to create our own bears and used large equipment to create a bear hunt in the hall during PE.


Some children have been learning about puppets and looked at different types of puppets before making their own hand puppet. The chose their own design and created it by sewing it together and then adding embellishments.

The Great Fire of London

The Year 1 and 2 Owls have been learning about The Great Fire of London and even made their own bucket chain to see what it would feel like trying to put of the fire. They watched a performance of Samuel Pepys and used pastels to create his portrait.

Science Week

They also had lots of fun during science week, playing with colour and experimenting with cornflour and vinegar. What a chemical reaction that surprised everyone!

Winchester Science Museum

They also visited Winchester Science Museum and had a very interesting day trying out all the experiment and watching the planets in the planetarium.

Planting Bulbs

Another interesting session was when the Owls planted some bulbs ready for the hot summer.

Puzzle Mornings

Finally a big thank you to all those parents who joined us for our Puzzle mornings. They were well attended and both adults and children seemed to have lots of fun.